Coffee and Cigs… aaahhh always sounds a bit romantic, doesn’t it? But what does a lipstick have to do with it… I’ll tell you everything!

In early September, the famous American brand of professional cosmetics, MAC, pleased us with a novelty and introduced a line of lipsticks under the name Love me, which includes 24 shades. The collection is divided into three color families: Reds, Purples, and Nudes/Corals, with eight lipsticks in each. The packaging of the lipstick itself echoes the selected color category, so it will be easier for a potential customer to find “their” shade among many others.

MAC on their official website describes the new lipstick collection as follows: “a weightless argan oil-infused lipstick that delivers an instant hit of powerful colour and all-day moisture in a luxurious satin-soft finish”.

The collection is called “Love me” as a tribute of self-love and self-empowerment. MAC frankly encourages us to love ourselves, to develop self-confidence I like it! I suppose that we should start with one of the new lipsticks from the line that I actually did.

I present to you the MAC lipstick from the Love me collection, in the shade 409 Coffee and Cigs. UPD: after I’ve tried this lipstick I’ve got 3 more shades and I got 3 more reviews for you: 415 Joie de Vivre and 03 Daddy’s Girl & 420 Nine Lives.

Design. As usual the lipstick is placed in a black cardboard box with a slight gradient. The lipstick packaging itself is a bullet-shaped case that is traditional for all lipsticks of this brand. However, in this collection the case is not only glossy but also has a gradient that approximately reflects the shade.

The weight of the product is 3 grams, the lipstick is produced in the USA.

Shade. I spent at least 40 minutes in the brand’s corner meticulously picking out my shade from the whole collection of 24 shades. However, I decided to start with the shade 409 Coffee & Cigs. In my opinion, this is a brown-ish shade with a hint of mauve, complex, beautiful, autumny. The lipstick in a stick pretends to be frankly beige, but do not believe it!

I’m honestly in love with this shade and I’ve never seen anything similar before. It’s beautiful and definitely attracts attention.

Love me lipstick, 409 coffee & cigs
Daytime, sunny outside
Pretending to be nude

Texture and applying. This collection just hit me, it’s the first time I see this type of lip product from MAC. These lipsticks are super comfortable, seems that argan oil and lychee extract in the composition apparently do their job. The texture of the lipstick is jel-ish, is sliding on the lips and leaves only a satin finish without a hint of stickiness. 

The Love me lipstick collection holds up for 2-3 hours with a coffee break I am totally okay with it. I calmly applied it directly from the stick, nothing ran out of the contour, didn’t slip into a white stripe, did not flow into folds, and at the same time concealed imperfections and moisturized my lips. After it got off, it might stain your lips which I personally like.

The density of the coating was a pleasant surprise to me. Despite the lip care and pleasant texture, the lipstick is very pigmented. It can be applied in one layer and provide a translucent coating, or easily layered for more intense color.

Sunny outside, imperfections are hidden
Ring light lamp

On the official MAC website, this lipstick is possible to purchase for $19.

So, MAC fulfilled all stated promises and justified all hopes. The Coffee & Cigs shade is somehow unrealistic, it lies evenly, gives intense colour and moisturizes my lips. I heartily recommend the Love me lipstick to you, and soon I will surely replenish my collection with new shades!

P.S. Check the review about another shade named Joie de Vivre 415.

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