Summer is in full swing, and more often we want to “wear” bright colors, and please ourselves with a riot of colors in all possible manifestations. That is why my guest today is the Semi Pro Multi Color Pigment from the Korean brand The Saem. The pigment fell into my hands completely by accident, it was taken “to catch up” to the main order from the online store.

I have to confess, pigments are not my favorite products, they are usually very picky to work with, it takes a lot of time to apply, and at the same time they dry up godlessly quickly.

Semi Pro Multi Color Pigment by The Saem (in the middle)

Design. The Saem Semi Pro Multi Color Pigment is enclosed in a small card-board box with imitation of paint streaks on it. On the box is a sticker matching the color of the product and its name and shade number in several languages.

The back side apparently contains some information about the product, but it is given only in Korean.

The design of the tube is also very original, it is made of soft plastic, and looks like a tube of oil paint. Part of the tube duplicates the color of the product, and the name of the shade.

The cap is unscrewed, and when opening the product for the first time, a protective membrane was glued to the nose.

Color. This line of pigments by The Saem contains 16 shades and a transparent diluent. Recently, I am greedy for peach shades in products such as blush and shadows and I don’t know what’s the matter with me because these shades don’t suit me at all. So, this time I decided to try such an attractive Peach shade again.

It is very easy to describe it, this is a classic pink-peach color I associate with the color of fig peaches, when applying thick it looks a bit neon.

Bright daylight, pigment is blended

Texture and applying. Here I’ve got a surprise, since I didn’t know at all what I was dealing with. The product itself is very dense, has a creamy texture and matt velvety finish and it does not change even if you mix it with a cream yes, I did it as well. To be fair, I have to say that in this line it is also possible to buy a softner which can help to change the texture of the product and also make the color more translucent.

Semi Pro Multi Color Pigment can be applied with a finger and a brush. Applying with a finger is much easier, while with a brush you’ll have to sweat because despite that it can be easily shaded almost in a haze you need to work very fast – it seizes almost instantly, and maybe because of this, it can be applied patchy.

Let’s look at the pigment in different areas of its application:

Lipstick. Definitely not, the product turns out to be very dry, it will emphasize all the flaking, and will dry the lips. Although, it should be noted that the finish is very beautiful, velvet (not deaf dull). When applied a dense layer, it shamelessly exposes all the imperfections even where they are not any.

Shadows. It is quite possible to use like that, the pigment is blendable and can be used as eyeshadows or eyeliner (but you need skills). On greasy lids, it can crease, and on top of that you can feel that there is something “heavy” applied on your eyes.

Blush. Yes, but you need to use some kind of base under, you should apply it little by little and work carefully but fast. 

Mono makeup, pigment applied on cheeks, eyes and lips

The pigment is possible to buy online, the price range is around $3-4, the volume is 5 ml and it is made in Korea.

In general, I can not say that I was satisfied with this product, the pigment is dry, and you need to mess around with it. I do not like products for the use of which you need to spend a lot of energy to call on the spirits and wait for the seventh moon on the third Friday of July, and which behave so unpredictably. It is possible that the quality of the pigment varies depending on the color, but I still don’t want to continue the introduction of The Saem Semi Pro Multi Color pigment.

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