Not that long time ago I was looking for a present for my niece and in the search for suitable products, I looked through some video reviews for Essence. So, that’s how I found Essence Velvet Matte lipstick and couldn’t walk beside.

I picked for myself the two bright shades 09 Red Velvet Cake & 06 Unredsistible. I like bright colors in lip products but unfortunately, the formulas of these usually just ruin my lips and left a desert behind. Suddenly… here is Essence with its Velvet Matte which promises “the innovative texture which unites matte colour with a pleasant feeling on the lips. Thanks to the high pigmentation, the lipstick has a strong colour-dispersion, while the creamy texture offers semi-matte results without drying out the lips”. So, I couldn’t resist!

Design. The design of Essence products usually is pretty concise and doesn’t contain unnecessary packaging. The packaging of the lipstick Velvet Matte looks exactly the same as lipsticks colour up! shine on! lipstick but these are from matt plastic instead of a shiny one (post about these lipsticks you can find here.

The lipstick case is made of high-quality matt plastic with the brand’s logo at the junction while the lid color repels a shade color, the whole design looks quite futuristic. When buying the lipstick, it wasn’t sealed and instead a sticker with the product information appeared as a protection against opening the product in the store.

The weight of the product is 3.8 grams, the lipstick is produced in Poland.

Shade. I spent some time trying to understand how shades look like in a real-life and apparently neutral shades did not really get me but bold 09 Red Velvet Cake & 06 Unredsistible turned out to be the ones.

So, I would like to start with the shade 06 Unredsistible. It is a deep pink colour which looks more like a raspberry-ish cool shade. Despite that the shade itself is bright, it is not screaming pink and it can be worn as a part of your daily makeup. The intensity of the color is possible to vary, so you can manage the coverage.

Essence Velvet Matte 06 Unredsistible

While I was writing this post, I realized that this shade reminds me of something… and turns out it reminds me of Mac in the shade All Fired Up.

To the left is Mac, to the right is Essence

The next one is shade 09 Red Velvet Cake which has a classic red color with warm undertone. This shade is quite bright but royal, and visually whiten your teeth.

Essence Velvet Matte 09 Red Velvet Cake
From the left to right in 1 layer and in 2: from the left 06 Unredsistible, from the right 09 Red Velvet Cake

Texture and applying. What can I say… Essence never ceases to amaze and deliver on their promises!

The texture of Velvet Matte turned out to be somewhat unusual for me. This lipstick is very creamy and glides perfectly on the lips I remember retro mat by Mac and to cry but at the same time, it is very pigmented and fully covers your lips from the first swipe. The finish of Velvet Matte is semi-matt, so it left some shine after applying. It is worth to note that due to the texture of the lipstick left prints, so you have to be careful while applying and use.

I honestly tested both shades and each of them showed itself pretty good. The lipstick does not dry lips, it conceals imperfections, it doesn’t run out of the contour or slip into a white stripe, and in general behaves pretty good. The Velvet Matte lipstick holds up for 3-5 hours, but after it needs to be fixed or reapplied.

The color goes off very delicately, but it might stain your lips afterward.

06 Unredsistible
06 Unredsistible
09 Red Velvet Cake
09 Red Velvet Cake

I became so excited with testing these lipsticks, so that I tested 06 Unredsistible very extremely. I applied the lipstick at 1 p.m., at 4 got a coffee break with a bun, and made this picture only at 7 p.m. In my opinion, the lips look as with a tinted balm.

06 Irresistible, 7 hours after a coffee break and without reapplication
Essence Velvet Matte in shade 06 Unredsistible
Essence Velvet Matte in shade 09 Red Velvet Cake

The average cost for this lipstick is around 2.30 euro per piece.

If you have not yet decided to try bold colors, feel free to try them in Essence! Price and quality make this lipstick an excellent specimen for the first “bright” acquaintance.

Once again I was pleased with the products from Essence, I will be wearing these lipsticks with joy especially the one in shade 06 Unredsistible (it is a more everyday shade for me).

What do you think about the lipsticks? Do you like bright colors?


  1. thank you for this review and the beautiful pictures, it’s difficult to find an accurate representation of lipsticks in a review and also describing the undertones it’s vital information when purchasing without having the option to test the lipstick first. Also how it fades it’s really appreciated !!!

    1. Dear Constance,

      Thank you so much for your feedback and your kind words! That’s my motivation to move on and make more reviews for you <3


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