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Not that long time ago Essence launched an updated line of their long-lasting lipsticks. The collection includes 8 shades, and I got half of it to test it myself and show it to you. Unfortunately, the brand’s website does not seem to show the true shades, so I was a bit confused when ordering.

On the website, the lipsticks are described as following: “the ultra-light, nourishing formula provides the lips with intensive color without drying them out. For each of the eight shades with a long-lasting texture, which now comes in elegant black packaging”.

Design. Well, the lipstick is enclosed in a matte black plastic case with a pressed “E” letter on top. On the backside of each lipstick, it is possible to find the number and name of the shade. It is possible to find additional information on the sticker attached to the side of the packaging.

The weight of the product is 3.3 grams, and mine is produced in Italy. The lipstick has a vanilla fragrance that disappears shortly after applying.

Texture. The texture is pretty fine, all lipsticks feel a bit gel-ish, the formula seems to be light but pigmented. Therefore, it is possible to vary the colour intensity from medium to full coverage. The finish is closer to satin with a hint of gloss. The lipstick is pretty comfortable, it does not dry out the lips but at the same time I did not notice much of a nourishing but no one promised it in the first place.

It lasts for a long time, if you will not eat it stays for 4-6 hours and can even survive a coffee break. But of course, it will not stay if you would eat lunch or a slice of pizza.

Shade. As I mentioned earlier, the colour is not very true pictured on the official website, so when I received my lipsticks I was slightly disappointed because all colours seemed to be a bit dark to me, but I’m actually trying to use them from time to time. The trick I use is to apply them on the balm, so the shades would be more translucent and have a subtle colour.

Well, since I have four shades, I would probably divide them into pairs and briefly describe each.

From the left to the right: 02 Just Perefect, 03 Unforgettable, 05 Famous and 06 Now or never

02 Just Perfect is a mauve shade, with a cool undertone & 03 Unforgettable is a cool-toned medium pink.

02 Just perfect applied in several layers on a balm

02 Just perfect, applied in several layers
02 Just perfect, applied in several layers with a balm

03 Unforgettable, applied in one layer on a balm
03 Unforgettable, applied in several layers
03 Unforgettable, applied in several layers

05 Famous is a cool-toned deep berry shade & 06 Now or never is a dark red-bricked colour with a neutral undertone.

The shade number 06 Now or never arrived to me with white plaque, but it did not affect the quality of the lipstick.

05 Famous & 06 Now or never (on the left one layer, two layers on the right)

05 Famous, applied in one layer on a balm

05 Famous, applied in 2 layers on a balm

05 Famous, applied in 2 layers on a balm

06 Now or never, applied in one layer on a balm

06 Now or never, applied in several layers
06 Now or never, applied in several layers

From top to the bottom: 02 Just Perfect, 03 Unforgettable, 05 Famous, 06 Now or never

It is worth to note that all shades are very pigmented! That’s what happened to me after I swatched a couple of shades and tried to remove it with wipes and micellar water:

It also seemed to me that 02 Just Perfect & 03 Unforgettable reminds me of some MAC shades from the “Love me” lipstick collection in the shades Daddy’s Girl and Coffee and Cigs (I reviewed them earlier), so I also compared them.

It turned out that they are not really dupes, but quite similar, the MAC lipsticks seems to be more nuanced colour-wise.

On the left is 02 Just Perfect by Essence & MAC Daddy’s Girl, from the right is 02 Just Perfect by Essence & Coffee and Cigs by MAC

Overall it is a good quality lipstick for every day at a reasonable price. They are comfortable wearing, have quite popular shades and subtle colours with very good pigmentation. As for me, they did not become my favorite, colours do not seem complimenting to me, while a full-coverage lipstick is usually not my first choice.

But, I did like 2 shades: 02 Just Perfect & 06 Now or Never, maybe I can wear them from time to time.

This lipstick is possible to purchase for $3.50 or €3.

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