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If you have been following my blog for some time you probably know that I’m a lip products maniac. I love lipsticks, lipglosses, liners, balms, oils and have a huge collection of these products at home. I also quite often try to find something new for myself and share it with you!

I recently discovered a completely new method for myself of lip makeup and for this purpose I was looking for a certain lip product. That’s why I am reviewing today the Sheer Beautifying Lip Balm in the shade Watermelonade by Catrice.

Design. The balm is enclosed in a cardboard packaging, with a sticker on the side which contains basic information about the product. I was hoping to find what the balm contains but there is no information on the sticker or packaging. The packaging of the product is more or less representing the color of the balm. On the bottom of the packaging it is possible to find the shade name and number.

Sheer Beautifying Lip Balm in the shade Watermelonade by Catrice

The stick is flat and has the letters CA engraved on it. The product weight is 4.5 grams, the balm is produced in Poland.

Shade and texture. On the official website it says that the balm “contains macadamia and jojoba oil and it is vegan”. I can only say that, because there is no more information on the sticker or packaging.

The texture of the balm feels creamy and gel-ish but does not give this nasty oily feeling. The stick is soft and gently slick over the lips to nourish it. I did not expect it to replace my fav lip balm but I have to say that this one really surprised me. It softens and moisturizes the lips and also gives them a pleasant neutral but pronounced shade.


The shade on the picture and in the stick looks strawberry red-ish but in fact it is a more sheer pink shade which was a bit disappointing because I needed a more red shade. It is truly sheer and looks like “your lips but better”. The balm is shiny after applying for some time, but after some time it gives a more or less natural lip look. The color stays on for a couple of hours and a little pink-ish stain is left on the lips afterward.

Sheer Beautifying Lip Balm in the shade 040 Watermelonade (Daylight)

In conclusion, it is a very nice basic lip balm. It will not provide you with the deep lip nourishing but will definitely make it smoother throughout the day. I also think it can be a very good first lipstick for a teenage girl.

The product is possible to purchase for around $4 or €3.6.

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