The Love me Lipstick collection was dropped in the beginning of Fall 2019, and immediately got so many positive reviews. So, I was also curious and purchased several more shades Coffee & Cigs, and 03 Daddy’s Girl & 420 Nine Lives. But a couple of weeks ago I could not resist a shade I wanted but was afraid to “allow myself” which is Joie de Vivre 415. 

I will try to keep it short because have already written about the collection and its story in one of my posts, so you can find it here (click).

Love me lipstick in shade Joie de Vivre 415
Love me lipstick in shade Joie de Vivre 415

Design. The packaging of the Love me lipstick collection by MAC is very recognizable. It is a bullet-shaped case but this time it is shiny and has a gradient. It is worth to note that the case is quite slippery and strives to slip out of hands.

The weight of the product is 3 grams, the lipstick is produced in the USA.

Love me lipstick in shade Joie de Vivre 415

Shade. Joie de Vivre is french which can be translated as the joy of living. I can’t argue because Joie de Vivre is such a unique, complex and multifaceted shade. It is a beautiful cold shade – something between plum and berries but with a pinch of fuchsia. Also, the lipstick itself has a famous sweet vanilla scent.

In the light of a ring lamp, the shade looks darker than in daylight.

Love me lipstick in shade Joie de Vivre 415
Joie de Vivre, applied in one layer from the left and 2 layers from the right
Joie de Vivre, wiped with a napkin (pigmentation is crazy)

Texture and applying. I have already written in detail about it in my previous post. But as to sum up this lipstick has a gel-ish texture, is sliding on the lips and leaves only a satin finish without a hint of stickiness.

The Love me lipstick collection in shade Joie de Vivre 415 stays still up to 3-5 hours and because of its amazing pigmentation and such a bright colour leaves a pink stay as a “goodbye”. The lipstick is possible to apply directly from the stick, but because of its shade you have to be careful, otherwise, use pencil and/or a brush to make it even.

The lipstick does not run out of the contour, doesn’t slip into a white stripe, does not flow into folds, and at the same time concealed imperfections and moisturized my lips.

Love me lipstick in shade Joie de Vivre 415

Joie de Vivre 415, blot lips on a tissue
Joie de Vivre 415, after 4 hours and windy weather (sorry for dry lips)
Joie de Vivre 415
Joie de Vivre 415, ring lamp

On the official MAC website, this lipstick is possible to purchase for $19.

To sum up everything, I just wanted to say one more time that this Love me lipstick collection is just amazing! The quality of these lipsticks is off the charts, and the mix of such an intensive pigmentation and moisturizing at the same time makes me believe in miracles!

The Joie de Vivre 415 shade is bright and truly living up to its name. Once you apply it, you understand that it really is a joy of living!

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