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Despite all the difficulties, Xmas is scheduled as usual and our favorite beauty brands have released their holiday collections. I’m usually very curious about the range but have very little products since they are usually filled with glitter and presented in golden/silver sparkling shades that are not very wearable in everyday life.

MAC this year also released a holiday collection under the name “Frosted Firework”. The collection is inspired by winter fireworks and its products are all in sparkling colors toooold ya.

Image: MAC website. Frosted Firework Collection.

Passing by the MAC corner I swatched all products, and have to say that some eyeshadows’ shades are pretty interesting with a true sparkle for creating a party makeup look. If you have a chance, pay attention to these products (my fav is in the shade “Silver Bells” gorgeous foil-ish silver).

As about my choice, I could not pass by the lipstick in the shade #Snowfilter. Let’s have a look!

Design. The #Snowfilter is placed in a carton box with a pink-ish silvery design. On the box it is possible to find the information about its ingredients, country of origin, the shade’s name and number.

Well, since it is a limited edition the classic bullet shape case is not black but silver-ish pink with some glitter design embodying snowflake. On the MAC website it is stated: “the lipstick is wrapped in specially designed, flare-embossed, frosted-pink packaging”. Looks very festively and recognizable among all my other black bullet shape collection xD.

#Snowfilter lipstick by MAC

The weight of the product is 3 grams, and mine is produced in Canada. The lipstick has a branded vanilla fragrance that disappears shortly after applying.

Shade. Well, the shade is absolutely gorgeous and complimentary to anyone. It is a muted reddened shade with a warm undertone. The color is not aggressively bright but can be layered to get a more intense color.

It is very hard to catch the true shade on the pictures, but I have to say that it is not bright red and more like a subtle red-plum toned shade.

Frosted Firework lipstick in the shade #Snowfilter.
Frosted Firework lipstick in the shade #Snowfilter.

The picture from the official website represents the color pretty authentically.

Image: MAC official website. #Snowfilter lipstick
#Snowfilter shade, daylight, very true to its color
#Snowfilter shade, daylight.
#Snowfilter shade, direct sunlight.
#Snowfilter shade, daylight but sunny outside.

Texture and applying. The shade #Snowfilter is presented with Lustre finish which means it is sheer and glossy. The lipstick has a semi-sheer coverage if applied in one layer, and can be built-up to medium coverage if applied in several layers.

The texture is very comfortable to apply, it is melting under the skin’s heat and distributes the color evenly. It soothes the lips and camouflages little imperfections and dryness. The shade stayed on for 3-4 hours and will survive a coffee but not lunch, after 3-4 hours it starts to slowly fade.

This particular color might clog in the lip’s wrinkles, which I find very attractive but you have to be aware of it.

#Snowfilter shade, one layer, daylight
#Snowfilter shade, several layers, daylight (sunny).
#Snowfilter shade, several layers, daylight.
#Snowfilter shade, several layers, sunlight.
#Snowfilter shade, ring lamp, very true color presentation.
Lips after a couple of hours after application and coffee break.
#Snowfilter shade, ring lamp, very true color presentation.

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase since the quality is good while the color is truly complimentary and the shade allows it to be used every day and for every occasion. I am also sure it will look gorgeous during the Xmas holidays and at every party.

The product is possible to purchase for around $20 or €17.

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