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I got familiar with the Makeup Revolution brand not that long time ago, but so far it’s a quite pleasant acquaintance! So, I was just surfing the internet and suddenly “ran into” news about this palette. It took me 5 mins to order it 😀

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Just as a quick story, this palette was released as a part of the collaboration collection of the Makeup Revolution brand and blogger Alexis Stone. The collection includes 2 palettes: one is the Transformation Palette which is supposed to be an addition to the main palette under the name The Instinct Palette (28 matte shades). Those palettes are magnetical and can be paired together.

On the official website is possible to find the following information about the Transformation Palette: “Your look isn’t finished until you top your look with the Transformation Palette. 7 transitional shimmer shades that will transform your whole look”.

So, I got my parcel and suggest to start our journey!

Here are some details of the packaging that seems to be very flattering to me. Everything here makes the impression: the package, the safely packed eyeshadows, and personalized offer with the name (little thing, but feels nice).

Yes, my name is written like Yulia. Do not even ask ;DDD
Makeup Revolution X Alexis Stone The Transformation Palette (front side)

Design. The palette is enclosed in a mirrored or silver glossy cardboard box with red metallic letters (looks mesmerizing). On the backside of the package it is possible to find the main information about the product. There also says that the brand is Cruelty-Free & Vegan.

The packaging of the eyeshadows is made of carton and has a silver matte shade. The eyeshadow palette does not have a brush or mirror, but it has a magnet lock.

The palette is pretty big (24.5 cm) and it contains 7 refills * 1.2 grams each. Despite the fact that the company is British, the eyeshadows are made in China.

Makeup Revolution X Alexis Stone The Transformation Palette (backside)
The palette itself
The palette itself (backside)

Shade. As you have already noticed, the eyeshadow shades do not have any names but numbers. Also, there says that 3 out of 7 shades are pressed pigments.

From the left to the right (7-1)
From the left to the right (1-7)
From the left to the right (4-7)

Basically, there are 3 pressed shimmers in a transparent base (means does not have any color). The illusion of color is created by the color and reflection of the shimmer parts. Also, there are 4 metallic shades with some tiny shimmer.

So, let’s go through the shades and see what we have here:

1. It is a pressed pink glitter in a transparent base.

2. It is a pigment and it has some color. It is a very nice metallic shade of brown-ish pink. It’s shifting color from rusty brown to metallic pink. Gorgeous shade, has nothing to add.

3. It is a pigment, and it is a purple cold shade with a blue shimmer. Because of the different colors between the shimmer and the pigment, it looks very rich.

4. It is a shade which is a duo-chrome, it goes from blue to green. Love it!

5. It is a pigment, and it has a deep purple metallic shade with a very little shimmer.

6. It is a duo-chrome shade, goes from copper shade to a green one.

7. It is a pressed yellow shimmer in a transparent base.

Here are shades from top to the bottom 1-3
Here are shades from top to the bottom (4-7)
Here are shades from top to the bottom (4-7)
From the left to the right (1-7)
Here are the eyeshadows applied on a black background. It was extremely hard to take a photo of these shades solo. From the left to the right (1-7)
Here are shades from top to the bottom (7-1)

Texture and applying. First of all, this palette is an addition to your regular eyeshadows (or in that case to another palette from the collection). I mean it mostly should be used as a topper/addition to your regular eye makeup. These eyeshadows will not give you much color, and moreover they should not do that. I just have to underline it, because I’ve seen so much frustration about this fact.

Okay, let’s move on! These eyeshadows have a pretty soft, buttery texture. It works very well with a finger but almost does not work with a brush. I mean, it is still possible but I do not see much point in it, only if you would like to blend borders.

The shimmer can be a little bit chunky while applying, so I suggest to be careful. Also due to the texture, they can get crease if applied solo or/and without an eyeshadow base always use eyeshadow base gal. It is possible to get just some sparkle with one thin layer, or layer it more and get a metallic/wet finish. Otherwise, the eyeshadows behave well, and fulfill its function!

This palette is definitely The Transformation Palette, because with only that one you can totally transform your makeup from daily to more evening type and etc.

I did not see much point in making many pictures because the number of makeups with these eyeshadows/pigments are countless. So, I suggest looking at swatches and some pictures. Also, look at the video on how gorgeous it shines!

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Number 4 applied on top of the blue eyeshadows
Number 4 applied on top of the blue eyeshadows
Number 4 applied on top of the blue eyeshadows (flashlight)
Number 1&2 applied on top of the eyeshadows (flashlight)
Number 1 & 2 applied on top of the eyeshadows

The palette retails for $15 or €9.99 on the official Makeup Revolution website.

I am very happy with this one, it can be a very good addition to any makeup and give your eye makeup some sparkle!


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