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Today I am here to tell you about a new item by the drug store cosmetic brand Essence. I truly like the ratio of price and quality, and keep my eyes on the brand’s updates.

So, I found the new product Tinting Lip Oil in 2 shades, one on the picture looks transparent the other one has a deep raspberry colour. So, I decided to go with the shade Frozen Kisses 01.

The Essence stated the following on their website: “In addition to a subtle color on the lips, it also nourishes the stressed lip skin intensively in winter”.

Design. Ussually the lip products by Essence does not have any cardbroard boxing and this oil is not an exeption. The oil is enchanted in a very attractive crystal-shaped container and trully looks magnificent.

Tinting Lip Oil in the shade Frozen Kisses 01 by Essence
Info about the product is on the sticker

The applicator’s shape is very comfortable and has an unussual shape and a good size. While the stopper inside the container gives not enough product and feels a bit hard while using. I need to put the sponge back and forth to be able to get the needed amoint of oil for me. But it is very personal, and probably should not be considered as a disadvantage.

Tinting Lip Oil in the shade Frozen Kisses 01 by Essence

Texture. It looks like gel inside the container, while when applying on the lips the texture is something between gel and oil, it feels very comfortable on the lips and does not give this stickly feeling (like some lipgloss and oils). But it is not as liquid as oil, and stays well and do not run away after application (melt).

The oil does not have any taste, but have a very nice fragrance of something sweet like candies or vanilla. After application the oil looks shiny like gloss, but after some time the lips aborbs and get mosturized so the oil looks like balm with less shine.

I love this product, I think everything is really good with it. It trully makes the lips softer, gives it a long-term moistorizing effect, and is a super thing during autumn-winter when one’s lips can be dry and get flaky. One can just apply this oil, and in some time get good-looking lips.

The volume of the lip oil is 2.3 ml and it is produced in Taiwan (which I am surprised about, coz before most of the products were made in Germany or Poland).

Shade. As I sais earlier, I picked the shade Frozen Kisses 01. In the container the oil looks almost transparent but slightly pink. Also, I was surprised to notice some shimmer inside what by the way is not possible to notice on the lips after application. After applying the oil, the color is turning to a very gentle pink shade. I love it! –Very delicate.

The shimmer inside the container
Straight after application
2-3 minutes after application

The Tinting Lip Oil by Essence retails for around 3 euros.

I trully like this product and use it daily since I ordered it (for over 1 month). I would highly recommend it!

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