Today in the center of my attention is Fit Me foundation for normal and dry skin by Maybelline. 

To be honest, I have probably never tried face products by this brand. But, at the beginning of last autumn and after the summer vacation I needed a darker foundation shade for every day. Fit me is so often flashes in reviews, that my natural curiosity got the best from me and my choice fell on the hero of the post. 

So, what we have here is a 30 ml glass jar with a plastic lid, the jar equipped with pump and dispenser. By the way, in the USA the same foundation does not have a dispenser and pump, which is very frustrating for local makeup lovers.

The pump is working properly and gives the optimal amount of the product, the spout of the dispenser does not get clogged.

Now let’s talk about the shade. I had to spend a lot of time at the counter — the shades were either too pink or too orange. In the end, my choice fell on shade #120, Classic Ivory well, so-so Ivory to be honest.

Daylight swatch, by a window


Daylight swatch in the back of the room, the shade seems more orange

Okay, let’s talk about the product itself and see it in action. “Ideal for normal to dry skin, this foundation hydrates and smoothes skin texture and leaves a naturally luminous finish” – is stated on Maybelline’s website. There is some truth in this, the foundation does not emphasize sloughing of skin and pores, does not dry the skin, has an average covering ability (it can be layered perfectly), does not fall into the pores, and the finish is very natural as promised.

Now to the fly in the ointment, the foundation basically holds up pretty good throughout the day only under one condition; after applying it needs to be powdered at least with a translucent powder. Without powder, it is literally imprinted on everything on the phone, on clothing, hands and other surfaces without a powder. During the day it behaves pretty well except sometime after applying your T-zone it might look a bit greasy and shiny.

On the left naked face, on the right with applied Fit me foundation

In this photo, you can see the difference between the face and neck color what? winter is just over! Just in case, I took the tone exclusively for tanned skin tone.

In general, I liked this foundation. The price is affordable and Fit me by Maybelline fulfills almost all promises and is really quite suitable for dry and normal skin.

You can get it for $7.99 or around €10.

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