Not so long ago I was fascinated by wings in makeup, and my choice was in favor of colored wings or glitter eyeliners. On the eve of spring, the soul wanted drama … no, no, not a life one in makeup, and I rushed to find a worthy assistant and it turned out to be Epic Ink Liner (waterproof) by NYX.

The product is presented in a volume of 1 ml, it is available in black and brown, Epic Ink Liner is declared as waterproof with the shelf life of 6 months after opening.

I had never tried NYX liners, but I’d heard very controversial opinions about its eye products. Therefore, almost coolly passing by the stand, my eyes caught the Epic Ink Liner box. At first, I thought that this was a classic eyeliner with a felt tip I really don’t like it for the constant drying, but it turned out that the applicator is a real BRUSH!

For those who were surprised by my reaction: the presence of such a brush on the eyeliner gives us an infinite field for imagination and creativity. And also, it gives us confidence that the tip will not constantly dry and get on our nerves during make-up.

The eyeliner itself is quite liquid and is fed into the brush evenly – giving the required amount of product. The eyeliner has a vinyl finish, the applicator slides over the skin during application, Epic Ink Liner does not crush and does not crack when it dries, and it dries quickly enough.


Just applied Epic Ink Liner by NYX

The product is really waterproof, stays with you throughout the day and does not tarnish. The only point for me personally was a slight erasure in the outer corner of the eye, but I sin on the mix of active facial expressions and not a fully dry eyeliner.

Also, I read in other reviews than the product has properties to leak, and produce a large amount of product but I didn’t have anything like this; I keep the eyeliner upright in a glass, before applying the eyeliner I remove the excess.

9 hours after applying the eyeliner

In my opinion, the came out product by NYX is quite decent, the technical characteristics of the eyeliner make it possible to not only create completely different images, but also allow you to not worry about the eye makeup safety during the day.

The price on the official website is $9 or around €8.

Total look together with Epic Ink Liner by NYX
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