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Sometime ago, the US brand ColourPop released a mono-eyeshadow palette in purple colors under the name It’s my pleasure. I was looking for a purple color palette for some time back then everybody knows how purple colors compliment green eyes, right?, and was even considering buying Amethyst by Huda but it seemed to me more pink-ish so it never happened.

Overall, the incomparable It’s my Pleasure from ColourPop was in my hands.

It’s my Pleasure palette by ColourPop

Design. The palette is enclosed in a matte cardboard box, which completely duplicates the color and all the inscriptions of the main palette. The packaging of the shadows itself is made of high-quality glossy plastic, lies perfectly in the hand and willingly collect every single fingerprint on the surface, on the reverse side of the palette you can find the name of all the colors, as well as under each refill individually.

The palette opens 180 degrees and has a large mirror inside. When you first open, you can find a protective plastic between the refills and the mirror, the mirror is also sealed with a matte film. In general, the packaging is very solid!

The backside of the package

Shade. As you have already noticed the main color of the palette is purple, and the palette presents some variation on the topic. It’s my pleasure consists of 3 matt, 1 matt some gold shimmer, and 5 metallic shades. Let’s go through the list of colours provided by the brand:

Kittenfish: matte cool lavender
Do or dough: metallic bright lavender with blue duochrome flip
Pretty cruel: matte berry mauve with gold flecks
Bare minimum: metallic berry violet
Earthshine: metallic pinky lavender with a blue duochrome flip
Chick lit: metallic deep amethyst
Mr. Sandman: icy rose with a silver sheen
Fan fiction: matte dusty pink
Sleeper: matte eggplant

It’s my pleasure, sunlight
It’s my pleasure, ring lamp light
It’s my pleasure, sunlight and defocuses to show color nuanсe
Ring lamplight, on this pic color rendition close to real
Swatches, sunlight

Texture and applying. It’s my pleasure really pleased me with its quality, all 9 shades have good pigmentation and all 9 holds up great with Urban Decay base throughout the day.

The matt shades are perfectly blendable and have an average coverage, when applying with a brush it might fall out but nothing crucial. Metallics are great, very soft and pigmented, can be applied with a finger and a brush. The Mr. Sandman shade deserves special attention, it is a beautiful duochrome with a creamy texture and gives a dense coverage.

I suggest to not waste time and from the words go to makeup!

Used: kittenfish, fan fiction, earthshine
Used: kittenfish, fan fiction, earthshine
Used: pretty cruel, chick lit, do or dough
Used: pretty cruel, chick lit, do or dough
Mr.Sandman applied as a topper
Mr.Sandman applied as a topper, sunlight

The total weight of the palette is 9 grams (each refill is 1 gram accordingly), the shadows are produced in the U.S.A. The palette retails for $12 on the official ColourPop website.

It was my first ColourPop eyeshadow palette, and it exceeded all my expectations! The quality of the shadows in conjunction with the value makes it’s my pleasure just a must-have for bright colors lovers.

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