I’ve been familiar with the budget brand Essence for a long time and when I was in middle school I got in my hands their beautiful and my first powder. Since then, I am interested in the brand’s products and follow their limited collections.

About a year ago, the brand has updated its line of beauty products, and colour up! shine on! lipstick was among the updated products. So, around the same time, I was checking around in a store and luckily bought three shades from the new line.

I hasten to share that the lipsticks left me in complete delight and I bought three more shades later in total: 6 out of 10. Here you can find part 2 .

From left to right 12 behind the scenes, 10 rosey glitz, 08 flaming red

 The lipstick case is made of high-quality plastic with the brand’s logo at the junction while the lid color repels a shade color, the whole design looks quite futuristic. When buying the lipstick, it wasn’t sealed in a film and instead a sticker with the product information appeared as a protection against opening the product in the store.

New unopened lipsticks

So, I acquired three shades: 08 flaming red, 10 rosey glitz, and 12 behind the scenes. The shape of the stick with a concave tip is simply aesthetic pleasure, and the embossed brand logo only enhances it. Thanks to the shape of the stick, I easily apply the product on my lips even without a pencil or brush.

08 flaming red
From left to right 12 behind the scenes, 08 flaming red, 10 rosey glitz

All lipsticks from this line have a creamy texture but feel more gel-ish. While applying the product it easily gives off color, due to the light texture it’s quite buildable so you can vary a shade intensity. Сolour up! shine on! lipstick has a glossy finish (no glitter, pearl and etc.), the product has a sweet taste yes it has sweet taste.

The lipstick formula contains some care components that perfectly nourish lips and does not emphasize exfoliation. The durability of the product is okay for this glossy type product for about 2-3 hours, it will survive a cup of coffee, but after a full meal, a correction is required. The product delicately comes off the lips but a bright shade can leave a little bit of a stain afterward. It is easy to remove the lipstick with a tissue or any makeup remover.

Let’s jump straight into the swatches review!

I will start with my fav shade; 12 behind the scenes. I like that one, depending on the light it looks different, from soft mauve to a shade of rape cherry. It “behaves” nicely on the lips, and don’t leave any stain afterward.

12 behind the scenes, daylight
I apologize for this pic, I can see lip flaking and dryness. But this is a result of my dry lips and not the lipstick’s fault.
12 behind the scenes, sunlight
Total look with the shade 12 behind the scenes

Next according to the list is 10 rosey glitz, I often wear it instead of lip balm. This shade is in the style of “mauve nude”, soft color and at the same time favorably emphasizing the lips.

10 rosey glitz, with a flashlight
10 rosey glitz, daylight
Total look together with 10 rosey glitz

Well, completing the top three 08 flaming red, bold and at the same time subtle everyday shade.

08 flaming red, daylight
Total look together with the 08 flaming red

And at the end, 3 swatches:

From bottom to the top: 08 flaming red, 10 rosey glitz, 12 behind the scenes

In conclusion, colour up! shine on! lipstick by Essence is a great product for a great price. I highly recommend this lipstick, especially for spring-summer season when you prefer lighter textures. Here you can find the 2 post with different shades.

The cost is around €3 or $3.3.

  1. I love this review!! Sadly I’m to late and they don’t sell this wonderful lipstick anymore :(. I don’t understand why they always discontinued the best products. Hope your doing grear, thanks for the post :).

    1. Dear Nicole,

      Thank you very much for your feedback, I am glad you liked the post!:) I heard that they discounted this collection, but I think it’s still possible to find and order it online, this lipstick is definitely worth it! I test and review new products every week, so you can follow me on Instagram (@lonelycoco) and stay updated. See you soon!

      1. Yes you were right!! I was able to pick some shades and I love them all, I bought number 12, 5 and 11 and they are really really pretty and the smell is incredible to. It gives me some tipe of 90s vibes because of the colors and the shine that they have!! I love them!

        1. Hey!

          I’m very glad you were able to find them, and the shades you picked are super nice as well! The texture, quality, and price are sooo good for these lippies.
          As about the shine, seems that we are moving (or going back) to the old trend: shiny finish. I am very happy about it, coz all these matte lipsticks are just hell for my lips :DDD

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