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Today my review contains makeup products from H&M. To be honest, I noticed for the first time that H&M had its own cosmetics (sometimes very decent in quality) about a year ago. Since then, I have not missed an opportunity to look into the cosmetic department of this brand.

Not so long ago I’ve got Glitterati Mascara Liner from H&M in Starlight and Nebula shades. The product is very versatile – it can be used as an eyeliner and as a top coat for mascara well … I would argue ab that.

On the left Starlight, on the right Nebula

The product is enclosed in a plastic packaging, with a brush for applying the product to the eyelashes, and a brush for applying the product as a liner. When buying, both products were sealed in a film, the amount of each is 4 ml, produced in Italy. The cost in Europe is around 6€ or $6.5.

Sealed product

The liners are striking in their beauty, the glitter is sparkling (especially in artificial or sunlight) and is simply amazing. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to convey this in the photo. It is worth noting that Starlight contains blue and orange-golden glitter, while Nebula shimmers from pink gold to green.

Here is the brush:


The product itself is a transparent gel with lots of glitter.

Out of focus

Regarding the technical characteristics, I would like to note that the solo eyeliner dries quickly enough, it can be layered, if you have active mimic after 6-7 hours the applied product can begin to crack.

When applied to a black eyeliner, it sets in 1-2 minutes. The gel dries out, and the only glitter remains on the eyelid, it can remain without any reapplying for 7-9 hours, nothing will happen to it.

I tried to apply it as a topper on the eyelashes and I did not like it at all. First, the product dissolves mascara, secondly it dries slowly, and thirdly, in order to achieve a more or less visible result, you need a crazy number of layers. No, thanks!

Of the drawbacks of applying to the “bare eyelid”, I can only note that the product provokes a burning feeling on the eyelids almost immediately after application and it also has a very specific chemical smell, but all of it disappears when it dries. And because of this I cannot recommend the product for daily use. Despite its durability, makeup removal can be performed even with ordinary warm water (so as not to injure the eyelid with sparkles).



My fav shade, Nebula

In conclusion, I would like to say: I generally liked this product, it is not capricious, it allows you to easily and quickly add an accent to your eye makeup. I really like this product, I often use it in a “on the run” make-up, and my favorite shade is the Nebula on a black eyeliner.

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