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Today, I wanna tell you about one of the most colorful and inspiring palettes in my collection which is The Escape Pod Palette by Kaleidos. The Escape Pod is my first palette by the brand. According to the official website the brand was founded by beauty blogger Zoey Pu, her boyfriend Tony Chen, and his friend Mark Henry.

Design. The very first thing that won my heart when I received my parcel was the packaging – it is simply gorgeous! For the first, the palette was packed extremely carefully in the box and wrapped in some soft material protecting it from damage during transportation. All packaging including the palette itself is super colorful, while the palette is also holographic magic!.

The palette itself was in the box which also was very colourful and shiny.

Inside the box was my long-awaited palette, which was delivered after 3 weeks from the date of my order.

The palette itself feels pretty solid and quite heavy, it is made from hard cardboard and has an inbuilt mirror. On the backside is given the information about the palette including that the product is vegan and cruelty-free.

The palette’s total weight is 13 grams and the product is produced in PRC.

On the backside says: “A vehicle for change. Navigates smoothly between imagination and reality”.

Shades, texture, and application. The palette has 15 shades while the packaging says that it is not eyeshadows but pressed pigments. Also, the information on the box suggests that the shades are ultra-pigmented, highly blendable, and multichromatic.

According to the package the palette includes four sparkling duochromes, one sparkling shimmer shade, one metallic shade, and nine mattes. The matte pigments have a superfine grinding, very pigmented but some shades feel drier than others. However, it does not affect their quality in practice.

All matte shades.

The shimmer and metallic shades in the Escape Pod palette by Kaleidos I would qualify as shimmer with very fine grinding. I suggest going through every shade and looking at it closer:

Starlight Sonata – sparkling shimmer shade, with no color base and beige and pink particles 

Amaretto – very delicate shimmer with rose gold undertone 

Space oasis – lavender shimmer with blue particles 

Cosmic cabaret – metallic shade, cold pink-ish shade 

Galactic Gala– bright green sparkling shade, semi-transparent base. Looks more like green gold while applying.

Saturnalia – green sparkling shade, with more intense undertone base 

From the left to the right: Saturnalia, Starlight Sonata, Amaretto, Space Oasis, Cosmic Cabaret, Galactic Gala.
On the sun: From the left to the right: Saturnalia, Starlight Sonata, Amaretto, Space Oasis, Cosmic Cabaret, Galactic Gala.

Overall, matte shades are pretty blendable and highly pigmented that allows to create a bright look even without any colorful base. The pigments stay all day on the eyeshadow base, behave very well, and do not cause any problems. Although, some shades are extremely pigmented and can stain “naked” eyelids. Sparkling shades are very shiny, behave also very good but if applied on top of the matte shade might require some glitter glue to not disturb the previous layer.

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Here are some makeups I have created with this palette:

I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend it to all makeup lovers who like bright accents in makeup!

The Escape Pod Palette by Kaleidos can be retailed on the official website for $42.

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