I am an unfortunate owner of dry body skin and I have been searching for many years for an ideal body care product for moisturizing and nourishing the skin (especially in the winter time). My searches weren’t always successful, I’ve tried a fair amount of body care products from the mass market to luxury and pharmaceuticals.

A few years ago, I accidentally wandered into The Body Shop. I was trying to find the ideal of “my own care,” I went through every jar in there, but the fruit and aggressive fragrances instantly pushed me away until I came across Shea Nourishing Body Butter. Since then, my loyalty to the Butter and the brand itself has been endless.

Therefore, when I was returning from my vacation, I purchased a Shea Body Treat kit by The Body Shop at a local Duty-Free shop. The set included: body oil 200 ml, hand cream 30 ml, oil lip 10 ml, and shower gel 250 ml. The price was within 20 euros (around $22).

The box itself is unremarkable, plain cardboard:


The Body Shop Shea Nourishing Body Butter, 200 ml

My favorite, devoted to this product by body and soul for several years in a row. My love is so strong that last winter I bought a 400 ml jar!


The butter is enclosed in a round plastic jar with a black lid (a classic for the entire line) and a label on the lid itself, there are no additional membranes inside. The fragrance of the butter is very gentle and unobtrusive, there is a slightly sweet nut smell and remains on the skin for some time after application.

The product is quite thick, but not dense and keeps its shape in the jar. The consistency is more like whipped butter (but there is no such nasty oiliness); upon contact with the skin it immediately melts and after application does not leave greasy stains. The product is absorbed very quickly, so you can safely use the oil at any time. The manufacturer states that the butter provides a 48-hour ultra-rich moisture for very dry skin, and I stand by every word!


The body shop Shea hand cream, 30 ml

I have never tried the hand cream of this brand before but looking ahead I want to say that I liked it!

The cream is enclosed in a 30 ml plastic tube, which makes it ideal for traveling or carrying with you in your purse. The product has a delicate fragrance, which is slightly felt on the skin for some time after application.

The cream texture looks more like a light gel. It is perfectly distributed when applied to the skin, quickly absorbed, and doesn’t feel sticky. The product softens the skin, but does not give a deep moisture. In my opinion, the cream is more suitable for the summer period, or for girls whose hands does not need strong moisturizing. The cream does not contain sulfates and parabens and is also a 100% vegan product.


The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter, 10 ml

The Lip butter packaging repeats the body butter one, and it is a round jar with a lid. There is enough product, almost 9 grams.

Lip butter has a vanilla shade, a delicate fragrance and a sweet taste. The product is rather solid in consistency, but when it comes into contact with the skin and under the warmth of the fingers, it begins to melt quickly.

I want to note that I have the same coconut flavored butter: the taste is different, but the quality is the same. The butter simply covers lips with a slick, gives a little moisturizing, whitens lips color and gives shine – that’s all. I did not notice tangible care and moisture.


The Body Shop Shea Cream, 250 ml

The product is enclosed in a transparent jar with a black lid and a label with the name of the product.

The shower cream foams perfectly, does not dry the skin, and leaves a very light scent on the body. The skin after the shower seems to be moisturized, and the owners of normal skin can do without additional moisture after the shower.

To summarize: The Body Shop is as always on top and demonstrated a very high level of it’s products. My favorites from the whole set were the shower cream, the body butter and the hand cream.

And how do you feel about this brand? What products have you managed to try?

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